Announcement – Flaka 1.01 Released

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February 24th, 2010The Flaka project is pleased to announce the
release of Flaka 1.01, the first release of Flaka.

Flaka is an extension for Ant. A main project goal of Flaka is the
simplification of writing a build script.

Flaka provides:
1. an expression language (Java Unified Expression Language)
2. well known programming elements (for, when, switch, choose, ..)
3. exception handling
4. additional types, tasks and macros

A small teaser script to demonstrate some of those features:

<project xmlns:c="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka" name="Flaka" >
    Hello #{ ? : ''}!
  <c:for var=" f " in=" ''.tofile.list ">
    <c:when test=" f.isfile ">
        ;; report basename and modification time
        file #{} last modified: #{ f.mtime }

Flaka’s Google Project Page is

(* Part I of this manual contains a broad overview of
features Flaka has been charged with *)

Jar (ready to be used – no additional dependencies required)

Development Package (rebuild from scratch)

Issues should be reported to:

More information on Flaka at ; and

Wolfgang Häfelinger