A selection of exiting projects supposed to gain you insights in my work as software architect.

2010-2012 European Patent Office
2010 T-Systems MMS GmbH
2009 häfelinger IT
2005-2009 European Patent Office
2001-2005 Borland
2000-2001 Dresdner Bank
2000 Karis AG
1999 IBM
1998 Robert Bosch GmbH
1994-2000 Computec GmbH Software

My contributions to OpenSource and Free-Software Projects are hosted on my Workbench. Please find below a small overview. For details, consider to follow the project links:

Flaka Extension of Ant, the popular build tool. Provides control structures, variables and a powerfull expression language.
custom-style Wordpress-Plugin: Allows for a dynamic theme adjustment with arbitrary CSS-rules.
Tagmod Plugin for CruiseControl. Triggers an action on the server if a CVS based project is tagged.
ASN.1 Parser ASN.1 parser implemented by using ANTLR.
pyAntlr Code generator to be plugged into ANTLR to have Python as target language.