Announcement – Flaka 1.01 Released

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February 24th, 2010The Flaka project is pleased to announce the
release of Flaka 1.01, the first release of Flaka.

Flaka is an extension for Ant. A main project goal of Flaka is the
simplification of writing a build script.

Flaka provides:
1. an expression language (Java Unified Expression Language)
2. well known programming elements (for, when, switch, choose, ..)
3. exception handling
4. additional types, tasks and macros

A small teaser script to demonstrate some of those features:

<project xmlns:c="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka" name="Flaka" >
    Hello #{ ? : ''}!
  <c:for var=" f " in=" ''.tofile.list ">
    <c:when test=" f.isfile ">
        ;; report basename and modification time
        file #{} last modified: #{ f.mtime }

Flaka’s Google Project Page is

(* Part I of this manual contains a broad overview of
features Flaka has been charged with *)

Jar (ready to be used – no additional dependencies required)

Development Package (rebuild from scratch)

Issues should be reported to:

More information on Flaka at ; and

Wolfgang Häfelinger


Public Subversion Repository

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Please find the (public) subversion repository at the new repository portal page at häfelinger IT. Other repository types, mainly for experimental purposes, are about to join in the near future.


Curriculum Vitae

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An updated version of my curriculum viate is now downloadable as PDF document from my download server. Other document formats are still in progress.