Bosch Telecom GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

1998, Telecommunication, Technical consultant on behalf of Computec GmbH Software

Design & Development Statistical Component for a Call-Center

Statistic is playing an important part in a modern Call-Center in order to monitor, analyze and improve performance. The basis of a statistical component is record events and to measure their duration. Simple example for such events are “phone is ringing”, “call on hold”, “call transferred to another group”. I was the driving force within a small team of developers on how raw data get gathered from the Call-Center kernel and how to be represented in a way that would allow for a fast and easy to use way of calculating events, time frames and discard illegal events. The implemented component got deployed in the final release of Bosch’s Call-Center.

Tools & Concepts

CORBA, IONA, MS Visual Studio C++, Windows