Computec GmbH Software


Karlsruhe (DE), 1994-2000, Full-time employment as C/C++ Developer, Project-manager; Head of research project ACCENT; Design and development of ASN.1 compiler and framework (C/C++, Java); Product development ASN2CXX and ASN2Java at Computec GmbH Software

ACCENT was a collaborative research work of several European companies and organizations. It was partially founded and supported by the European Community as part of their ESPRIT program (EP 9169). The objective of ACCENT was to devise a coding system acting as hardware cell. This hardware cell had the ability to encode and decode X.209 binary data, the canonical binary representation of ASN.1 at that time. I represented Computec GmbH Software in this consortium during the complete lifetime of ACCENT. Besides participating in the design of the overall concept of ACCENT, I provided an ASN.1 compiler and a software coding system for ASN.1 data structures. This provision allowed us to measure the performance improvement gained by using hardware instead of a pure software solution. My software encoding engine was extremely fast and questioned the idea of implementing a (rather complex) hardware cell. The collected experiences led to the commercial development of the ASN2XXX product family at Computec. The whole product family got designed by me and implemented in a small team led by me. The ASN2XXX product family has been sold world wide, mainly within the telecommunication area. Well known customers have been Ericsson, Bell Atlantic, Marconi, Telefonica Spain, Storck Netherlands and Bosch Telecom Germany.


ASN.1, C++, Java, Windows, Solaris, Sniff