Dresdner Bank

Dresdner Bank at Frankfurt, Germany

2000-2001, Freelance position, Security Expert, various projects

S-Mime Reader

Technical consultant for a project to allow users of Outlook a convenient way to send encrypted emails. The idea behind the prototypical project was to collect certificates at MTA side, analyze the certificate, fetch relevant information out of the certificate and to store this information into a Directory Service based on LDAP. Analyzed, in cooperation with a consultant from Siemens, relevant X.509 data structures (ASN.1). Then designed and implemented a prototype able to read S/MIME message and to decode relevant X.509 data structures. Fetched information has been stored in MySQL database from where the LDAP server got updated. The prototype, and especially my smime-reader passed all tests with success.

Tools & Concepts

ASN.1, Base64, CVS, DER, Make, MySQL, Netscape Email, OpenLDAP, Outlook Email, PEM, PKIX, S/MIME, STL, SUN C++, SUN Solaris, Snacc, X.509

Secure Ticket

The IT Security department of the Dresdner Bank developed a propriety ticket protocol to securely authenticate a machine on the branch side against a host at the main side. The ticket protocol utilized SSL and has been implemented as client and server side Plug-ins. On the server side, Plug-ins have been written for Apache Web server and Netscape’s IPlanet. Took over development for Netscape’s IPlanet.

Tools & Concepts

Apache, CVS, Emacs, Make, Netscape IPlanet, SSL, SUN Solaris, Shell scripting, Vi.

Build Management

Development of Dresdner Bank’s ticket protocol (described above) took place by two independent groups. While one group implemented a solution for Apache, a second solution implemented on for Netscape’s IPlanet server. When joining then team it was already visible that having two different development branches creates problems and creating releases got costly. In order to avoid such problems I proposed to unify both development branches by using autoconf. This proposal got accepted and has been designed, implemented and deployed by me with great success.

Tools & Concepts

SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, make, autoconf, shell scripting, various UNIX tools, latex, LDAP, SSL, mod_ssl, Apache, Netscape IPlanet, CVS, Hummingbird Exceed.