Karis Consult AG, Darmstadt, Germany

2000, Technical consultant on behalf of Computec GmbH Software

Electronic post office

Consulted to design and setup an “electronic post office”. Mandatory design goals were to have emails stored in-house while employees need to be able to read emails while abroad at customer’s side in a secure way. The solution has been setup on GNU/Linux using Qmail as MTA and Cyrus IMAP as database backend. Using IMAP made it particularly easy to connect to Outlook. Secure handling of emails when abroad has been setup by using Horde (www.horde.org), an HTML based email reader. Security was implemented by setting up HTTPS on Apache, which has been setup as Web server.

Tools & Concepts

Apache, Cyrus IMAP, DNS, Emacs, HORDE, HTML, HTTPS, Mod_ssl, Qmail, RedHat GNU/Linux, SCP, SSH, Vi