CASE-STUDY »Buildmanager«

Jena/Thuringia (DE), 2010, Contractor position, Build- and deploymanager within a J2EE environment at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH (MMS).

The “Jena branch” of MMS creates web based, customer tailored shop systems for large and midsized customers as well for internal use. All shop systems tailored in Jena are based on IBM’s Websphere Commerce suite, an extendable J2EE framework for B2B and B2C business models. I joined the team as Buildmanager. Responsibilities were the provision of complete shop instances (including Databases), build environments and deploy infrastructure. Furthermore, daily build and deployments, update and maintenance of database records. A particular corner stone of my employment was to supervise and improve our processes besides participating in our daily routine work. A particular highlight was to craft a set of scripts allowing a fully automate shop instance creation. Before I joined, shop instances were created interactively, GUI based. One problem with this approach is surely the time it takes to complete such a complex installation. More importantantly was the ability to recreate the same instance; essentially allowing anyone to carry it out.


Buildenvironment (Ant, Hudson, Anthill, Artifactory, Nexus, (Subversion, git), Project management (trac), Windows (XP, 7), Virtualization (VMWare), IBM Websphere (v6, v7), IBM Websphere Commerce (v6, v7), IBM DB2 (v8, v9), IDE(RAD), IBM Scripting Console (wsadmin), Other (J2EE, Emacs, vi, Cygwin, Jython, jacl,Tanuki Wrapper, XSLT/XPATH).