My workbench is a collection of (non-commercial) software development efforts. The overview below gives a short overview of projects I’m working on or have worked on in the past. Please follow the link to find further and detailed information on each project.


A simple Wordpress plugin allowing you to add some CSS rules to customize your current theme to your liking.

Tags: Wordpress PHP


Flaka is a build system based on Ant. The main goal of Flaka is to reduce the amount of code to be written in buid scripts. It provides expression evaluation, handy controlstructures, dependency management and an intelligent and customizable framework, guessing the build structure and doing the right thing.

Tags: Ant XML Java


Tagmod is a plugin for CruiseControl, the grand daddy of all Continuous Integration engines. The plugin allows to trigger an action if a tag has been assigned to a CVS based project.

Tags: CVS CruiseControl Shell Scripting Java


Antlr is a so called parser generator. The parser, written in Java, accepts a set of rules and generates from that rules instructions to parse input data. One of the many nice things in Antlr is that it allows to replace the original Java code generator against an arbitrary one. When I joined the Antlr team, instruction generators for Java, C++, C and C# existed. Due to the good experiences made with Antlr, I decided to join the Antlr team to create a instruction generator for Python. Eventually my work, internally named pyAntlr, became an official part of Antlr 2.7.

Tags: ASN.1 ANTLR Python